“Leslie is a gem of an instructor with so much patience for little ones! My two kiddos enjoy the incorporation of story time into the movements. Looking forward to post-pandemic in person classes!”

Adalhi, mom to Dalí age 7, Malu age 5 (on Cast Off! Kidventures: Yoga Story Club) 

“I tuned in to engage my child on something while I had some time to myself. Leslie and Wren were so fun and engaging though that I found myself spending the whole time doing it with her. She loved it and we had smiles on our faces from beginning to end and I felt like I got a good stretch in too”.

Lauren,  mom to Vivian age 7  (on Cast Off! Kidventures: Yoga Story Club)

I “SO very happy to have discovered your writing workshop. I really enjoyed it and am inspired anew to write more – and you’re such a good teacher/coach. Thank you.”

Laura – Quebec, CAN (on “Art/Write” Community Workshop)

“Leslie’s Cast Off! workshops offer novice and experienced writers a safe and supportive space to generate new work. Her creative spirit makes her workshops fun and engaging. Also, I loved the way the AWA method allowed me to feel at ease and take risks with my writing. Leslie did a great job encouraging everyone to participate and provide positive craft-focused feedback.”

Kathy – Brooklyn, NY

“The venue was very nice, cozy and comfortable. It was definitely a safe and comfortable space that allowed my imagination to flow wherever it wanted to go. Prompts were various and interesting. Thank you so much for having these relaxing, creative writing workshops that enabled me to achieve part of my dream to be a writer.” 

Nau – Brooklyn, NY

“It’s great to hear the resounding echo of what is working in a piece”

Lauren – Brooklyn, NY

“The workshop I took with Leslie was a delight! Leslie is a creative genius–she took an ordinary object and turned it into a prompt that got me writing a scene for a short story. Leslie kept the group focused and encouraged all of us to share our writing–scary for some, but made easier by her warm smile and supportive personality. Whether you are a beginning writer or an experienced one, a Cast Off! Workshop will steer you in the right direction.”

Laurie – Grand Rapids, MI

“Leslie created a supportive environment where writers of all levels could feel comfortable. I love her energy and humor and smarts! She definitely made me feel welcome and like I was in a playful, creative zone where I could really get into the flow, explore, go all kinds of places with my writing and not be judged harshly. She gave me great feedback on my pieces and made me feel like she was truly listening, truly interested in my stories.”

Jen – Bethel, CT

When I write in workshop sessions with Leslie, I’m riveted to my seat. She has things to say in her writing that are all her. Sign-up for a workshop and give her approach a try. She is passionate and committed to the idea that everyone is an artist with something unique to express. The AWA method she uses to facilitate writing sessions is supportive, stimulating, and free of judgement. I emerge from doing a “write” having heard myself more clearly and connecting with others in the group in ways I had not imagined. I can recommend Leslie’s workshops without reservation.”

Diane – Newburyport, MA