Rough ’n’ Ready! A six-week rough-draft & works-in-progress workshop

November 4th – December 16th / Sundays, 11 AM – 1 PM

Lead by MFA and AWA Affiliate Leslie Fierro
Jalopy Theater and School of Music
315 Colombia Street, Brooklyn, NY

Nov 4, Nov 11, Nov 18th, Dec 2, Dec 9, Dec 16

This workshop is the pleasant plank-walk you’ve been needing to get your creative writing ideas and projects up through the battened hatches of your mind and out into the light of day. In this workshop, you and your fellow writers will take turns submitting, in advance, a writing project that would benefit from honest, constructive critique and feedback, while also exercising your creativity and strengthening your craft through free-writing exercises in nearly every meeting.

The first meeting of the six-week session will be an introduction to the workshop process, and a chance for the writers to get to know each other over morning treats, while discussing our rough-drafts and works-in-progress. We will also be scheduling everyone’s critique days (so bring your vegan-potluck-crusted Slingshots, leather-bound day-planners, or just your boring old cellphones!), as well as doing a bit of prompted free-writing.

In weeks two through six, we will “workshop” up to three writers per session (depending on the schedule and group-size).

Each writer will submit a rough draft of a writing project in the genre of Fiction (short story or novel excerpt), Creative Non-Fiction (personal essay or memoir except), or Poetry. 20 pages max please, per the writer’s scheduled workshop day. Submissions must be emailed as an attachment to the group by Wednesday night, 11:59pm, the week that the writer will be workshopped. Alternately, a writer can bring in printed copies for the group, the Sunday before the work is to be discussed.

At home, the group will read the submissions, comment on a hard or digital copy (such as Google Docs), and write a one page letter of critique to each writer. Then, during the workshop date, up to three writers will each get 30 minutes of verbal feedback and critique time. Depending on the scheduling and the ultimate size of the group, a writer will get 30 minutes of dedicated and thoughtful feedback and discussion from the group at least three times, while still allowing for some in-class writing to keep our creative fires stoked.

Week 1, Intros, discussion and feedback on project ideas, scheduling people for critique days, free-writing

Week 2-6, Critique up to 3 people = 90 mins total for critique and discussion / 30 minutes inspirational free-write and response. We could occasionally allow for 4 critiques for some sessions, and lose the full free-wring time, if the group agrees.

Cost: $350 for the full 6-week session* PayPal $350 here

*$25 discount on the full session for returning Cast Off! writers – contact Leslie or use previous payment systems to send the appropriate amount.

*A pro-rated amount for late starts may be possible, contact with any questions or comments.

*Remote critique of others’ work on days missed can be arranged in advance.

*Please note, no refunds you once you register, so please contact Leslie Fierro if you have any questions or issues regarding the space, workshop, pricing, etc., before purchasing. Purchase can also be arranged via Venmo, cash or check.


Located between the vibrant Carroll Gardens and Red Hook neighborhoods of Brooklyn, NY, the Jalopy Theatre and School of Music has been home to musicians, artists, neighborhood locals, far-flung travelers and more than a few writers since its doors opened in 2006. We’ll be in one of the cozy upstairs classrooms appointed with vintage instruments from around the world.