“Cast Off!” (Online) Six-week creative workshops to inspire new writing

Saturdays 2pm – 4pm EST

June 2, 9, 16, 30, July 7, 14

Begin, support or revive your writing practice, through creative exercises to keep you on the road to writing every day (or at least every Saturday), with motivating and supportive feedback from a small group of writers.

Cost: $100

Paypal $100 here.


During our mornings, I’ll start the workshops off with a writing prompt, which we’ll all (myself included) write to for the allotted amount of time, between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on our attendance and plans for that day. We’ll write about anything and everything, in any form–prose, poetry, play, word cloud, free association…sometimes you might just need to throw ink on the paper to find the way to your words. Though I’ll be giving new prompts for each writing session (at least twice during our two hours together), you are free to approach the writing time with either brand new work or works-in-progress, inspired by the prompt. You can also choose to write to whatever’s happening in your head, or out the window, or in the room. Your writing is what matters here, not how you get that writing out onto the paper.


We’ll then go around and voluntarily read our work. Following the practices of the AWA workshop method, all of this first-draft writing will be listened to as fiction or story, so that we can all write as wild, as dark, as heart-rending, as fantastical, or as real as we like, without fear of being judged or assumed into the role of the character or the first-person narrator. No one will be pressured to read (accept for me, pressured only by myself), but it really does help inspire confidence in your writing to put yourself out there, and believe me, it gets less scary every time you do!


Again, all writing will be responded to as fiction, or–even if the author does state that their writing is autobiographical–as story, to keep the focus on the writing and the craft as opposed to the writer. Each member of our group is encouraged to respond to what they like, what stands out, what is strong and memorable in the writing. Responses that include criticism, suggestions for revision, or questions about the writer’s motivations or intent will be discouraged in order to keep our hot-off-the-brains writing safe in its incubative state. We can then take that positive feedback home, to steer our new writing however we see fit.

Drop-ins and prorated rates for late starts may be possible, space permitting. No refunds or make-up days for absences not discussed prior to payment. Contact me with any questions.